Run Business Calendar 2 as an Android-powered app on Windows 11 and Chromebooks.

Windows 11

Business Calendar 2 is able to run on Windows 11 as an Android-powered app.

We made a good deal of improvements to adapt the app to the desktop environment such as for example adding permanently visible navigation sidebar, creating a variety of keyboard shortcuts or introducing the full mouse-support.

Users located in USA, GB, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and Germany can already find Business Calendar 2 in the Microsoft Store. Unfortunately users from some other countries will need to show some patience until Android-powered apps are available in their country.


Business Calendar 2 is also optimized to run on large screens in a desktop-like environment such as Chromebooks. You can download the app from Play Store and enjoy the next-level calendar experience with new improvements including:

  • Easier navigation
  • Quick keyboard shortcuts
  • Mouse input optimization