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"Android: Our favorite calendar app for Android just got a whole lot better. Business Calendar 2 adds a slick new interface, a task list for managing your to-do list, new widgets, better tablet support, and a lot more."


"Business Calendar 2 is the app I actively recommend in my best Android calendar apps collection as the top all-around choice for a fully featured, customization-friendly calendar upgrade on Android. And as of a recent update, its experience on the Chromebook front is every bit as delightful."


"While you can do the standard, such as creating events and setting reminders, there’s also a ton [of features] that are pretty unique. For example, in Business Calendar 2, you can show and hide different calendars, you can sync your tasks from Google Tasks, send out invitations, set optional event countdowns, and much more...If you’re looking for a calendar that works like a planner as well, Business Calendar 2 may be the perfect option for you."

Guiding Tech

"The Winner: Business Calendar 2
It’s clear from the number of widgets and the versatile customization options, the winner of this widget battle arena is Business Calendar 2."

NewCo Shift

"Business Calendar 2 boasts nifty design solutions that help you understand your day at a glance. The interface has a lovely flow, but it’s not just the looks. The free version has smart features, such as a day slider that allows you to check out your upcoming days and events promptly, and a function to turn on and off your multiple calendars from everywhere in the app."


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